February 2021

News - Pandemic in NOrth Cyprus

Pandemic Management in North Cyprus

Covid 19 Pandemic is affected North Cyprus like all World. First Positive Case is detected on the 08 March 2020 in Island inside one touristic group. After this government of the North Cyprus fastly decided to lock down the all country until the beginning of May 2020. In 60 days time period all cases are finished in North Cyprus. Goverment keep strict rules and applied quarantine rules to all passenger who...

Best Coastal investment country

Best Coastal Country to Invest

North Cyprus was shown 1st place among the 5 countries as a Best Coastal country to make investment by Forbes Magazine. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is very popular and attractive in last years by Turkey citizens and other countries in the World, altough they are recognized only by Turkey. North Cyprus is taking attention of many World citizens and being visited by 3 million tourist every year ....

Information about North Cyprus

Why North Cyprus ?

North Cyprus is the shining star of mediterranean Islands. This awesome island is getting sunshine 300 days of the year. North Cyprus is popular among  holiday home buyers, investors and retirement living buyers, in last 15 years. Why These People Are Preferring North Cyprus ? Cyprus is always beatiful with its nature and landscape. Some people loves the beaches of it, some of them mountains of it...

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