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The type of investment that has the most significant return today is real estate investment. The real estate sector, which is among the first choices of people who are considering investing, has an influential position as TRNC real estate and North Cyprus Real Estate. There are main reasons why Cyprus is a pioneer in the real estate sector. One of these reasons is that it provides investors with profits in the short, medium, or long term. Real estate investment, which has a high-level profit return and never loses its value under any circumstances, gains more and more significance every day as it does not lose its value. For this reason, investors who want to add income to their income with Cyprus real estate investment closely follow the TRNC real estate bulletin.


North Cyprus real estate is a unique choice for investment, but is TRNC real estate only valuable for investment? So, Why should you live in North Cyprus? Here are the reasons to live in North Cyprus!

Why Northern Cyprus?         


North Cyprus; is an island country with a wide range of options with its location, holiday resorts, and real estate sector. North Cyprus is an island country that does not have traffic problems in big cities. It is also environmental pollution or a busy lifestyle. North Cyprus is an island country with many advantages for investment.



Those who want to live in nature and houses by the sea prefer North Cyprus houses. Having a home for investment in North Cyprus means you can enjoy the advantages of living there. In addition, the neighborhood where your house is located and the benefits it has been among the factors that help it gain value in the investment sector. Therefore, we recommend you invest in a central, scenic neighborhood with good neighborly relations.

The Most Ideal For Vacation And Life        


With its pristine beaches and various historical and touristic places to be discovered and visited, it is only a phone call away to be included in this life! With its unique opportunities and thousands of North Cyprus real estate options, Gold Mark now offers you the opportunity to become a homeowner by investing in the real estate sector.


North Cyprus, a famous island country with its clean beaches, nightlife, entertainment venues, historical places, and quality living conditions, is the third island in the Mediterranean region after Sicily and Sardinia. The island of North Cyprus has 300 days of sunshine a year. Although the winter months are not harsh, they are warm and slightly rainy. For this reason, Cyprus is one of the most excellent countries for a holiday or even to live in.

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The Most Livable Areas of Cyprus


You can also own property for a holiday in Cyprus. Since Cyprus is an indispensable place for a holiday, you can rent the house you will buy as another opportunity.


Many locations are indispensable for the Cyprus real estate sector with various real estate investment options. Some of these locations are as follows:


  1. Kyrenia
  2. Alsancak
  3. Iskele Long Beach,
  4. Gazimagusa


You can contact us to own a house in any of these four residential areas, which are the favorites of the TRNC real estate sector with various real estate options or visit our website for more information.


As GoldMark Estates, We aim to provide you with the most accurate service. Follow us to learn more about real estate investment.


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