Why North Cyprus ?

Information about North Cyprus

North Cyprus is the shining star of mediterranean Islands. This awesome island is getting sunshine 300 days of the year. North Cyprus is popular among  holiday home buyers, investors and retirement living buyers, in last 15 years.

Why These People Are Preferring North Cyprus ?

Cyprus is always beatiful with its nature and landscape. Some people loves the beaches of it, some of them mountains of it and some of the climate of it, but there is a fact that people are very happy in North Cyprus. Of course these reasons are not only, there are lots of things this beautiful Island has. Population is not much crowded it is around 400.000 on all around the Island, there is almost no traffic problems, you can make non stop walkings towards beautiful mountains. Its has a typical mediterranean sea, but the cleanest one!, this Island does not have industrial ports and we can say that Sea water is the one of the cleanest in Mediterranean coasts. And the beaches especially in Famagusta (Ammochostos) Gulf  and Karpasia peninula Areas, have the thinnest and the golden sands which goes along more than 15 kilometers. Most of these beaches are public you can take your  sun umbrellas and your  portable fridge together and you can spend all the day next to these beautiful beaches. If you like Snorkel diving, We can promising you that you will see most clean waters and sealife when swimming.

North Cyprus Night Life and Cuisine will attract you to stay permanent in this Island. With warm blooded service guys,nice atmosphere restaurants and their  delicious Mediterranean , Turkish Food, European and Far East Menus, You will live always in holiday stlye. You will enjoy to taste different  wines of cyprus.

North Cyprus is the one of the most secure country of the World. Acording to statistics there is almost no criminal activities towards foreigners and very low criminal problems being lived. You will never feel yourself in foreign country, peoples, police, government officers are always kind to foreginers and most of them are talking second language. Island people are living typical mediterranean style life, they are a bit slow and relax : ) So life is always in holiday mode.

As we are Goldmark Global, We would like to invite you to North Cyprus , with our inspection trip programs. We will take you from airport and we will have nice tour together to see the bautiful places of Island and Investment opportunities. There are lots of things to say about North Cyprus but, We strongly advice you to come and see with your eyes. There are not enough words to explain this mediterranean style Island Enough.

For more information please contact our Managers from +90 533 843 3888 or global@goldmarkestates.com

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