Cuisine of North Cyprus

The Cypriot cuisine is closely related to the Turkish and Greek cuisine, but has also been influenced by the Ottoman, Middle Eastern, Catalan, French, and Italian cuisines. In the Cypriot food they often use ingredients such as zucchini, potatoes, peppers, okra, beans, tomatoes, chickpeas and lentils. It will be joyful to have different tastes along your trip in different location during your visit. We would like to inform you about famous foods and beverages of North Cyprus below.


In North Cyprus, You will find almost all varieties of Kebabs which you can find in Turkey. Shish Kebabs, Doner Kebab and Fish Kebabs. North Cyprus Also has special Kebab style Sheftalia ( Şeftali) Kebab which is unqiue to cypriots.

Bulla & Pilavuna

In North Cyprus, because of the warm Mediterranean weather there are lots of olive trees. In villages and bakeries you can find special breads called Bullas – zeytinli & Hellimli Bread. This bread is made in rock ovens added olives, halloumi cheese & wild greens.  Pilavuna is also made in same conditions but with different type of cheese named Talar Cheese.


This food is originally Arabic, usually it’s being cooked in Egypt and some other Arabic countries. In the history of Cyprus Island lots of Africans immigrated to Cyprus and this food had brought by them. Cypriots are accepted this food as a traditional food. This green vegetable is growing and being collected at the beginning of summer. After collection, the leaves will be separated and dried under sun. Lamb or chicken both are used in this meal. Rice is being served next this delicious food.


In North Cyprus cuisine there are hundred types of Meze (like espanol tapas), most of the restaurants serve Meze as an appetizer before main course. This is an enjoyable tradition accompanied with alcoholic drinks and to enjoy the time of eating more and more for friends in gathering.


Cyprus grapes are also very famous and different types of grapes grow by farmers. Grapes are processed very well and turning to Cypriot tasty wines. We advise to enjoy your lunches & dinners with Cypriot beautiful wines.


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