Beaches of North Cyprus

North Cyprus is famous with its beauty and kilometres long beaches. Famagusta Beaches, Karpasia Beaches and Kyrenia Beaches are the most famous beaches. You will see the most brilliant, clean and sandy Mediterranean Sea Shore in this Island. You will enjoy the to discover new beaches to spend your time all the day when travelling around. We would like to inform you below about some beautiful beaches of North Cyprus.

Famagusta Beaches

Famagusta ( Ammochostos) is the 3rd big city of the North Cyprus. Its name ‘Means under the Sands’ come from its awesome beaches. These beaches are the most beautiful in whole Island and most probably among all mediterranean countries. In this area sands of the beach is like silk and golden. You never feel uncomfortable to walk on them. People are preferring to Drive Famagusta beaches in Summer holiday. Thousands of Foreigner investors and tourists are visiting Famagusta area for its Beaches. Palm Beach, Glapsides Beach, Bedis’ Beach, Silver Beach, Long Beach and Varosha Beaches are the popular beaches of the Famagusta.

Karpasia Beaches

This area is mostly under protection for historical places, untouched beauty of beaches and wild Donkeys lives there. Famagusta Stlye Golden Sandy beaches are going on up to the en of Karpas Peninsula. Golden Beach is one of the worlds most famous beach which is under protection by government. You can visit there and swim all the day. Also Bafra Beach, Kaleburnu beach, Ayfilon beach and Next  Apostolos Andreas Monastery small beaches are very popular to Drive weekends and swim.

Kyrenia Beaches

Kyrenia area is one of the most visited city of North Cyprus. The area is full of 5 star hotels & Casinos, also center of the Night life. This area is looking towards North and generally beaches are less sandy and rocky. But Mediterranean sea is Always shining and warm so these beaches are also very popular by tourists.




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