Pandemic Management in North Cyprus

News - Pandemic in NOrth Cyprus

Covid 19 Pandemic is affected North Cyprus like all World. First Positive Case is detected on the 08 March 2020 in Island inside one touristic group. After this government of the North Cyprus fastly decided to lock down the all country until the beginning of May 2020. In 60 days time period all cases are finished in North Cyprus. Goverment keep strict rules and applied quarantine rules to all passenger who wants to visit North Cyprus.

In smal period of time Pandemic hospital is built by the help of Turkey Goverment. In one year only 20 people are passed away from Covid 19 in the Island.

Vascinating the people against Covid 19 is started by January 2021 and ages 80 and over, ages 65 and over and Chronical and risky sickness carriers are already Vascinated.

North Cyprus took risk and chosen health except economy. In these days Citizens are complaning about the Economy of the Island but they re glad to stay healthy. Goverment is targeting to vascinate 75% of the population by the end of April 2021. Hopefully the country will reach enough vascination tos tay protected against Covid 19.

In this pandemic period North Cyprus is still attractive by investors. Some of them is coming and entering quarantine or some of them are investing online to good priced properties. Goldmark Estates Ltd Global team is working 7/24 to give a online service to all of the customers who are interested in North Cyprus and Investment opportunities.

If you would like to come, invest or to live in this secure Island, please contact with us for more information.

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