Best Coastal Country to Invest

Best Coastal investment country

North Cyprus was shown 1st place among the 5 countries as a Best Coastal country to make investment by Forbes Magazine. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is very popular and attractive in last years by Turkey citizens and other countries in the World, altough they are recognized only by Turkey. North Cyprus is taking attention of many World citizens and being visited by 3 million tourist every year . This visitors are going to universities, buying holiday homes, opening businesses and some of the are permanently prefer to live in this beatiful Island.

North Cyprus beaches are attracting thousands of people to Island. Many Foreigners are Coming to invest next to the coastal areas of the Island. Many people from around the World prefer  to buy property from Famagusta, Kyrenia and Iskele regions and they are planning their new life in Northern part of Cyprus. Luxury 5 stars hotels, Fully Serviced Housing projects, Karpasia Marina, Mediterranean beaches and the climate of the Island attract people to come to this sunny Island.

This Mobility is taken attention of Forbes Magazine, the traveller and writer Kathleen Peddicord investigated and wrote about North Cyprus. According to her North Cyprus is in the First Place to invest in 5 Coastal Countries of world.

She says, as I am a researcher and a person who lived and invested Overseas for 30 years;  North Cyprus, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Belize Countries are the best coastal countries to invest and to buy retirement properties in 2021 according to her Researches. This investigation is made about prices of 70m2 – 100m2 holiday homes prices. Amont all of these countries, North Cyprus is the most beautiful coastal Country, who has Access to the beach and with$75.000 Dollar average price of properties.

You can read Forbes Article about North Cyprus

Forbes Article is met gladly by North Cyprus Citizens. North Cyprus is under embargoes for Long years after They seperated from Greeks. Cypriots are trying to be productive and improving in difficult conditions. The country has one of the lowest crime rate among the World other countries. This Island is still attracting thousands of people with its night life, awesome beaches, high quality education opportunities and  its coastal residential projects to invest. Property market is waiting a huge increase in investments after Pandemic finish. Please be aware that prices will be increased after this situation as well. Good investors are making investments now with our online sale managers. You can contact to our Sales Managers  when you need online.  Tel: +90533 843 3888 or

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