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You can fly to North Cyprus as transit from almost all airports of Turkey. Istanbul is the central transit point of flyinf North Cyprus from everywhere of the World. Cyprus is 3rd biggest island of mediterranean sea, in 1974 the Island seperated in to two different parts, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and South Greek Cyprus. Approximately Daily 45 flights are flying to North Cyprus ERCAN airport. Also If you are EU citizens you can fly to Larnaca or Paphos Airports directly and you can pass the borders to come North Cyprus. Our Drivers can pick you up from airport and bring you directly to North Cyprus.

Which Airline flyies to North Cyprus ?

Turkish Airlines

Pegasus Airlines

Atlas Jet Airlines

Some Chartered touristic flights you can find Place to come to North Cyprus, Freebirds,Corendon etc..

Also From Turkey to North Cyprus you can come to North Cyprus With Ships if you would like to come with your car.

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