The Most Glamorous Kyrenia House Projects For Sale

The type of investment with the greatest return is known as real estate investment. The real estate sector, which is among the first choices of people who are considering investing, has a significant position, especially in Cyprus houses. Kyrenia, the apple of the eye of Cyprus, also has the most prosperous types of real estate. The main reason for this preference is that real estate investment brings investors in the short, medium, or long term. So, what are the options for projects for sale in Kyrenia and flats for sale in Kyrenia?

Real estate investment is a type of investment that is being made globally today. So, what are the eye-catching Kyrenia housing projects for sale? Here are the most glamorous Kyrenia projects!

The wonder of Nature: Natura Alsancak Project

Our Natura houses, inspired by the most beautiful examples of the nature of the architecture of the Mediterranean, are among our favorite real estates in Kyrenia. You may feel like you have never been so close to the forest, mountain and sea. In our project, you have the opportunity to live in a magnificent environment with social areas, large balconies, garden arrangements, terraces with panoramic views, and natural elements in the region.

Our project was made by being influenced by Alsancak Park, which is right next to it and located in one of the most beautiful locations on Green Island. Being right next to the center of Kyrenia and being in touch with nature has never been this enjoyable.

You Can Be Fascinated By Its Beauty: Girne Çatalköy Project

Our Girne Çatalköy Project with 3+2, 4+1, 5+1 Villa options with, a pool, and a jacuzzi is located in the Çatalköy area of Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. In the Çatalköy Project, which will make you feel like you are in another dimension with its beauty, you can have houses developed by being inspired by the most beautiful examples of the nature of the architecture of the Mediterranean. Çatalköy Project, which is 10 minutes away from Girne Port, the pearl of Cyprus, and 35 minutes from Ercan Airport, is also 55 minutes away from Famagusta, a historical and archaeological city.

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To Escape What You Want To Forget: Escape Villa Project

These Kyrenia house options, which will make you forget everything with their beauty and bring only peace, are perfect for you to have villas developed with inspiration from the most beautiful examples of the architecture and nature of the Mediterranean.

As for location;
• 3 km from the beach,
• 9 km from the center of Kyrenia. away,
• 6 km from Girne American University. away,
• 22 km from Nicosia center. away,
• 35 km to Ercan Airport. away,
• Famagusta Center 65 km. Within Driving Distance

So why are Kyrenia House Projects for Sale?

Due to its calm nature as well as various clean and beautiful beaches, Kyrenia house for sale and Kyrenia flat for sale options have recently become the choice of many people for real estate investment.

With the change that has started to emerge in the zoning law, it is also certain that the most extensive real estate projects to be forward in Northern Cyprus will also come to life in Kyrenia. In addition, the amortization periods in Kyrenia house for sale and flat for sale in Kyrenia options are short.

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