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Goldmark Estates Ltd and its Brokers are registered in North Cyprus Tax office Companies Section and Turkish Cypriot Real Estate Association (Member no: 69). We are one of the most well-known real estate companies with a very brilliant reputation which have always been active in this market. As you see our Membership Certificates below, we are promising to present you the highest standards in prices either from developers or resales. We strongly advise you to work with Association Members for prevention of any legal deviation.

 Turkish Cypriot Real Estate Association

Please Note that there are hundreds of unlicenced pirate real estate agencies in Northern Cyprus. The law is not protecting investor who works with these types of agencies. Registered Real Estate agencies are the member of the Turkish Cypriot Real Estate Association. All Registered Members are under guarantee of the Association. Members has to make Customer Protection Insurance which is protecting all investors who are working with Association member Agencies. All of our customers are insured up to €100.000 for vocational mistakes and fraud cases.

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