Legal Procedures

Goldmark Estates ltd. reassure you, that we consult with the most experienced Cypriot real estate advocates. Below, you can find some rules and regulations in North Cyprus which is necessary to know as a new buyer.

  1. Entering North Cyprus: From most of the countries, there is no need to apply for visa to come to North Cyprus. According to your purpose of stay, officers are authorized to give 30 days or maximum 90 days permission in the airport. They usually ask about your accommodation reservation, reason of traveling to north Cyprus and duration of stay. We had send you all the required forms and information before you arrived to Cyprus. Invitation letter, reservation of hotel and Goldmark company information as your host, so there will be nothing to be worried in the moment of arrival.
  2. Paying Deposit: When purchasers pay deposit, the reservation form including deposit receipt will be sent to the buyer, also in that form all the information about the house price, payment plan, house completion date etc. as we agreed has been written.
  3. Hiring Lawyer:  Goldmark Estates Ltd. advise you to hire responsible property advocate who is experienced about legal paper works and registration in the same area you had bought. What Advocate Does?
  •  Check all the company papers.
  •  Land documents control from title deeds office.
  •  Prepare contract or modify the existing developer contracts.
  •  Pay the stamp duty and make your contract valid in Tax office.
  •  Register your contract in the land registration office as your asset (important).
  • Apply to government interior ministry office to get your TRNC House Buying Permission for transferring the title deed on your name. (it takes 4-6 months)
  1. Residency Permit: not TRNC residence, who purchased any property in North Cyprus, can stay in Cyprus 180 days a year without residency permit. If they would like to stay more they need to apply for Residency Permit. This permission can be applied for immediate family members included spouse and children under 18 years aged. Government will ask you to open bank account to deposit enough amount for living costs in a year. We help you to get your residency permit in the easiest way and open the bank account.
  2. Title Deeds Transfer: When all the balance been paid and developer is ready to transfer title deed, with the house permission reference number you are able to transfer the title deed to your name.
  3. How Many Property I Can Buy? : With new law, foreigners can buy up to 1 apartment or 1 donum of land or one villa. If you want to invest more our experienced agents and lawyers will establish you a trust company and you can invest and purchase as much as you want.


Goldmark Estates promises all of our clients that they will be safe when investing in Northern Cyprus. Our experience and that of our partners will help you in the process of accurate investment.

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