Goldmark Estates Ltd is the international Real Estate Agency of North Cyprus, We would like to inform you that Goldmark Estates will be happy to have foreign partners to sell North Cyprus properties together. We will supply you all needed informations, Presentations and Education about North Cyprus. If you are interested to work with us please send us email to

Goldmark Estates Partnership Services

  • Information Packs
  • Inspection Trip ( 3 Days ), Property and projects viewing, city tours.
  • Education of North Cyprus Laws about Real Estate Services, Residency permit, Property Buying Procedures.
  • Education of Taxation of North Cyprus
  • Education of Banking System of North Cyprus
  • Supplying needed Marketing Materials
  • Joining the Goldmark Agency Network
  • Advertising tips
  • Signing Partnership Agreement

Note: Please be aware that you can work with our real estate company securely in North Cyprus. As we are registered company, you will be signed agreement between us. Working as a not registered agency or making activities of Real Estate Agencies are probhibited by North Cyprus Law.


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