North Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean Life Style. Sea, Sun and Nature is in the heart of the life. The stress-free lifestyle in Cyprus and the Mediterranean atmosphere makes it a popular tourist destination and Europe’s top spot for expats, business professionals, and retirees from all over the world. The island’s laid-back lifestyle and no pollution make it one of the healthiest and most relaxing countries to live in.

One of the first sentences you should learn is “Yavash Yavash”. This means “slowly slowly”. You will hear this mantra many times a day. Mediterranean life style in general. No rush!

People start to work not very early and some businesses closed on lunch time for 1-2 hours. Cyprus people are very warm blooded and most of the Islander talks second Language fluently English. People like to do Mangal (Barbeque), picnics near the Sea coast, hunting, fishing and diving. There is a traditional proverb for Cyprus; ‘we used to sleep when our windows are not locked at nights’ Yes this is true. You will be able to live without any stress in Cyprus, here is the 5th safe country due to world’s grading. There is little traffic in rush hours in main cities rather than usually there is no traffic. You will enjoy when you ride your vehicle. Low Cost of living, Warm blooded people and 300 sunny days, make this heaven a place for living.

Night Life, Be ready for the luxury casinos, summer night discos, excellent world restaurants and low price fine alcoholic drinks.

Nature Life, hiking in the mountains, fishing, bike riding, swimming, diving and paragliding is the most favorable activities in Cyprus.


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