Northern Cyprus is known as the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus, with its climate, location, natural beauties, deep blue sea and society, is a place that is always desirable and does not lose its charm, and most importantly, it is among the first choice of people in terms of tourism. Northern Cyprus has a magnificent Mediterranean view and beaches. At the same time, it fascinates people with its magnificent nature, endemic plant and animal species, historical places and culture. You should take a look at Cyprus real estate to see all these beauties more closely, and most importantly, to breathe the wonderful fresh air of Cyprus. Northern Cyprus real estate has a design and location that will impress you in every respect.

North Cyprus= Fresh Air

Since Northern Cyprus is a holiday destination and surrounded by seas, the region is much more special. It has residences that appeal to everyone who wants to live in Northern Cyprus or who wants to invest to relax and store energy from time to time. The most striking feature for those who plan to invest or live on the land is its clean air. Since Northern Cyprus is a holiday destination, it is crowded in certain months of the year. For the rest of the year, it has a very quiet life. The low population also makes the air cleaner. Even if the city centers are crowded, they also have real estate in a bit more forested areas where you can breathe this air more.

Natural Charms Of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus covers an area of approximately 3,355 square kilometers. There are many natural and historical beauties in Northern Cyprus.

  • Beşparmak Mountains (Kyrenia Mountains): Kyrenia Mountains are known as the second-largest mountain range of the island of Cyprus. Kyrenia Mountains fascinate people with their greenery. There are also many exciting activities in the dense forest areas of the Girne Mountains.
  • Karpaz Peninsula: It is located at the farthest point of Cyprus. The Karpaz Peninsula has a 75 km long windy and undulating land strip. It is a wonderful place for nature lovers who want to relax.
  • Venetian Palace: Venetian Palace is located in Famagusta and is a historical building. Transportation is quite easy.
  • Sea Turtles: The sandy beaches of Northern Cyprus have nesting areas for Caretta caretta and green sea turtles. Northern Cyprus has a wonderful environment and climate for these creatures. Alagadi Beach, located on the east side of Kyrenia, is a good place to observe turtles.
  • Zafer Cape: It is located at the northwestern tip of Northern Cyprus. It is a magnificent region for those who want to explore nature quietly and peacefully in Northern Cyprus. You can do activities such as nature walks, angling, camping and picnicking in the region and breathe the fresh air of Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus Real Estate Opportunities

Known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus welcomes thousands of tourists every year and as a result continues to activate the real estate market. It is possible to own a house in Northern Cyprus at much more affordable prices compared to other holiday regions. Northern Cyprus impresses housing investors with its warm Mediterranean climate, long summer season, deep blue sea and natural beauties. Northern Cyprus Real Estate Market appeals to both domestic and foreign investors. It is possible to have residences located per every request. Those who want to see both blue and green together, witness an active life, or buy a house to relax can choose Northern Cyprus.

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