Why Should You Move To North Cyprus?

Many of us prefer to live in harmony with nature to escape from the noise and environmental pollution caused by city life. In addition to being intertwined with nature, the fact that the real estate sector is advantageous in terms of investment has caused almost everyone to want to own a house. Generally, those who want to live in houses by the sea, turn to the options of houses for sale from the North Cyprus real estate sector.


North Cyprus real estate is profitable for investors with the clean air and unique sea of Cyprus. Therefore, it is preferred by many people. North Cyprus real estate is the right choice for a happy life and a profitable investment. In this article, “Why should you move to Northern Cyprus?” We will offer a variety of answers on the subject.

  • Clean and Fresh Air

Cyprus; is a unique island country that will make you feel peaceful with its sea, air, and streets. The port cities, which are famous for their nightlife, are clean and intertwined with nature. It is very advantageous to own a house with the options of houses for sale in Northern Cyprus, which hosts millions of tourists every year.


People come to Cyprus to swim in the Mediterranean waters, to feel the air, to stay in their hotels all over the world. Having a successful real estate sector and having a house in Cyprus means that all these advantages are at your fingertips. Despite, hosting so many tourists, Cyprus, which is among the countries with the lowest disease rate during the pandemic process, has again proven how clean its air and nature are, as it is an island country.

  • Safety

Crime rates in North Cyprus are low. Investing in Northern Cyprus is among the most logical decisions you can make. If you are asking why you should invest in Northern Cyprus, Northern Cyprus is among the rare countries that provide a fast return on investment. Northern Cyprus is among the safest places, and it plays a significant role as it is the 3rd country with the lowest crime rate in Europe.


Other reasons for investment in Northern Cyprus include political security, VAT rates, real estate purchase and sale title deed costs, guaranteed rental income, and a 1% real estate tax rate. There are also reasons, such as visa-free entry for citizens of all Eastern European countries, more affordable real estate prices compared to Europe, and high rental income.

  • Natural Charms

Northern Cyprus is a country where many people prefer to live with its nature and clean air. Both the return on investment and the low crime rates are among the main factors affecting this situation. Even if you live in the city center or far from the city center, it is possible to be in touch with nature.


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