Why should we live in North Cyprus?


There are various reasons to live in North Cyprus. Cyprus is mostly considered a vacation country for many foreigners and is a great place to visit as a tourist too but many visitors are able to realize that North Cyprus is also a great place to live a whole life too. Like when you go to a place and that place feels like heaven, people usually think it’s only for a limited time but it is possible to live in North Cyprus your whole life. So if you have the chance to buy real estate in North Cyprus and live a dream life, you should follow that dream and live the great life you deserve.

Events and activities in North Cyprus

Thanks to its rich culture and young cheerful population, North Cyprus is a very fun country to visit and to live in. There are always local parties that are very fun and interesting, especially in summer. Also lots of different fun activities on beaches thanks to the long beautiful shores of North Cyprus. There are usually a lot of different events to attract the tourists in hotels and casinos too.


There are cultural events like Wine Festival North Cyprus International Fair, Rainbow Festival, Pharos International Chamber Music Festival, North Cyprus Film Days, North Cyprus Rally, Lemesia, Beer Festival, European Dance Festival, Amathusia Festival, Ballet Festival, Shakespearean Nights, Carnival, etc. So we can really call North Cyprus a culturally very rich country and it’s extremely safe to say that there are some special events for every kind of people which makes living in North Cyprus very special for everybody.


North Cyprus Living Conditions

North Cyprus is a very modern and rich country which has great connections with European countries and they make half of their trades with European countries which is very nice for Europeans. There is a very visible economic growth in North Cyprus which makes it very good for future investments. The tourism industry of  North Cyprus is really big and growing each day. Thanks to its great developing economy, the unemployment rate is among the lowest in whole Europe.


The education system of North Cyprus is really good and people from all around the world come to Cyprus just to get a better international education. North Cyprus is a culturally very rich country and there are a lot of bilingual people. The rich culture of North Cyprus makes it easy to communicate and adapt to living in North Cyprus.


People of North Cyprus averagely live longer than 80 years which is kind of impressive and shows how good the climate and geography of North Cyprus is.



The Advantage of Living on the Island

Living on an island is very interesting thanks to the nice weather conditions and beautiful beaches of North Cyprus. Being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is as good as it sounds like.


North Cyprus invites you to a peaceful life

North Cyprus is a very beautiful place full of hospitable people. Thanks to the cool weather and multicultural interesting lifestyle of  North Cyprus it is almost certain that you are going to have a very good time in there. So if you are looking for a peaceful vacation or a whole life, North Cyprus is definitely the place you are looking for.





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