What you need to know about North Cyprus Districts

Northern Cyprus is a wonderful choice for a good holiday. Beautiful Northern Cyprus districts are the main reason why this country is preferred for holidays. In this article, we give information about the beautiful North Cyprus districts.



Kyrenia is naturally a very popular holiday city with its magnificent beaches, sea, history and nice atmosphere. Kyrenia, a coastal city in the north of Northern Cyprus, is also one of the most famous cities in Cyprus. Kyrenia has a history of 6000 years and is very rich in history as it has hosted many civilizations during its past.


Bellapais Monastery, St. Hilarion Castle, Sunken Ship Museum, Bufavento Castle, Icon Museum (Arkhangelos Church), Korucam and Mediterranean Villages are places to see in Kyrenia.


Kyrenia is also rich in beaches and night clubs. If you prefer having fun to sightseeing on your Cyprus holiday, You can enjoy the sea and the beaches during the day and have fun at night clubs at nights.


Beautiful Land (Guzelyurt)

Guzelyurt (Beautiful Land), located in the north of the island, is one of the places with the most historical remains. Soli Ruins, Archeology and Natural History Museum, Tumba Tu Skuru Ancient City, Vouni Palace, Saint Mamas Church, Soli Theater, Soli Basilica are among the historical places to see in Guzelyurt.

Northern Cyprus districts are also famous for their festivals. The Orange Festival, which is held every year at the beginning of summer in Guzelyurt is very entertaining and exciting. You can participate in festival events, tournaments, concerts and music shows.


Nicosia is located in the middle of the island of Cyprus and is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We can say that Nicosia is the richest in terms of historical places to visit among North Cyprus districts.


Kyrenia Gate, Famagusta Gate, Selimiye Mosque (Saint Sophia Cathedral), Buyuk Han, Great Bath, Nicosia Bazaar, Barbarism Museum, Arabahmet Pasha Mosque, Dervish Pasha Mansion (Ethnography Museum) are the historical places to see in Nicosia.



Famagusta is a port city in the south of Northern Cyprus. Although this city is not as popular as Kyrenia and Nicosia today, it was one of the most important tourist cities in Europe 50-60 years ago. the world-famous artists of the period preferred this place for vacation. However, the Turkish Armed Forces captured the area during the 1974 Cyprus Operation and closed to the use and the people were evacuated.

Salamis Ruins, Othello Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedral and Varosha are historical places to see in Famagusta.


Iskele (Wharf)

Most of the visitors who go to different cities of Northern Cyprus visit Iskele and discover their historical and natural beauties. The city is between Famagusta and Karpaz. The city attracts visitors with its unique nature and blue bays.


Iskele Municipality Anavatan Park, Ayios Yakavos Chapel Church and Panayia Thedekou Church (Icon Museum) are historical buildings to be visited in Iskele. You should add Iskele, which is one of the attractive sightseeing districts with the history and nature of Cyprus, to your holiday plan.


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