What Should You Consider When Investing in Real Estate in Cyprus?

Do you want to invest in real estate in Cyprus but do not have local knowledge about the real estate sector? Especially in recent years, the increasing interest in Cyprus from both Turkey and Europe is clear. In addition, due to the increasing interest in holiday and real estate investments, Northern Cyprus houses should be among your real estate investment options. So, what should you pay attention to when investing in real estate in Cyprus? What should you consider before investing in Cyprus? In addition, the Cyprus real estate sector, which has a high level of profit and never loses its value, is a sector that is gaining more and more significance with each passing day.


Northern Cyprus flat types are very advantageous for a happy life. You can read this article for more information about what you need to know before investing in real estate in Cyprus. Here are the things to consider when investing in real estate in Cyprus!

Property Location


Those who want to live in nature and houses by the sea prefer Cyprus houses. The Cyprus real estate sector has a significant position for investment, with it being among the first choices of people and various flats for sale options. Having a house for investment in Cyprus means you can enjoy the advantages of living there. In addition, the neighborhood where your house is located and the advantages it has been among the factors that help it gain value in the investment sector. Therefore, we recommend you invest in a central, scenic neighborhood with good neighborly relations.

Valuation of the Property


Real estate valuation is also significant for you to understand whether this house you want to invest in is suitable for investment. Real Estate Appraisal can be defined as the determination of the value of a house or property within a certain period and conditions. The real estate valuation of the property you will invest in is significant. You can work with various consultancy firms for real estate valuation. One of the services we offer as Gold Mark is a real estate valuation service. We find property options with high real estate valuation for you and present them to you.

Investment Purpose and Investment Horizon


Cyprus is an island country with many advantages for investment. Cyprus houses can pay for themselves in a shorter time than houses in Istanbul or even Turkey. If a house you buy in Istanbul pays for itself in 20 years or more, you can earn back your money in an average of 10-15 years with a house you bought for a Cyprus real estate investment. In addition, the probability of a decrease in the value of the houses you buy with pounds is almost impossible.

Overall Real Estate Market


Although the real estate sector is one of the profitable investment options, its prices are affected by many different factors. As he knows, to earn a profit in real estate investment, you need to buy the property you want to buy when it is cheap and sell it when its value increases. There are many factors for Cyprus’s real estate investment. These are as follows:


  • Having a zoning and settlement permit
  • Deed to be trouble-free
  • Property use certificate
  • There is no expropriation in the region where the real estate is located
  • Proper soil inspection
  • Resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Commonly used areas and rights in cooperative structures


As GoldMark Estates, We aim to provide you with the most accurate service. Follow us to learn more about real estate investment.


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