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Traveling in North Cyprus is one of the best ways to have a pleasant holiday. Hotels in North Cyprus are open during the year. You will not have a problem for accommodation in North Cyprus no matter which month of the year you go. North Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate. It is warm and rainy in winters and very hot in summers. The best time of the year to have a holiday in North Cyprus is summer.


You can visit touristic places in North Cyprus, taste famous food and participate in entertaining nightlife events.



Touristic Places


North Cyprus offers many options to its visitors in terms of places to visit although it is a very small country.


Kyrenia Castle: The castle located on the Kyrenia coast offers one of the most beautiful views of North Cyprus. According to the research results, the history of the castle is based on Hellenistic Roman periods. However, it is not clear exactly when it was built.

north cyprus


Kyrenia Marina: The marina is one of the must-see places in Kyrenia. There are many cafes and restaurants around the marina where you can have something to eat and drink.


Bellapais Monastery: It is on a rock at the foot of Beşparmak mountains. It is a masterpiece of Gothic art and the finest example in the Near East.


Buyuk Han: One of the most important Turkish works in Nicosia is Buyuk Han. It was built by the Ottoman Governor Muzaffer Pasha in 1572.


Famous Foods


In addition to offering touristic places to its visitors, North Cyprus also offers delicious cuisine. One of the first dishes you should try in North Cyprus is Cyprus meatballs. If you like snacks, Peksimet can be a good option for you. It is possible to find Halloumi cheese peculiar to Cyprus in almost all breakfasts. If you want to taste a traditional meal, you should try eating molehiya or kolakas.


If you have the habit of eating dessert after meals, we can recommend you the walnut dessert.


 You should Visit


If you are going on holiday in North Cyprus, you should visit touristic places as well as attending many entertainment events.


If you are going to spend your holiday in North Cyprus in Kyrenia, you should visit Girne Castle, Sunken Ship Museum, Girne Yacht Harbor, Bellapais Monastery, Hillarion Castle and Karmi Village.


Another important city of North Cyprus is Nicosia. In Nicosia, you should visit the Arap Ahmet District, Lokmaci Bazaar, Buyuk Han, Selimiye Mosque and Barbarism Museum.


One of the must-see cities in North Cyprus is Guzelyurt. The traditional Guzelyurt orange festival is held in this city in June and July every year. If you are planning your vacation during these months, you should definitely visit these festivals. Soli Ancient City, Vouni Palace and St. Mamas Church are the main places that make Guzelyurt special.


Entertaining Nightlife

North Cyprus is also popular with its nightlife as well as its tourist destinations and natural beauties. The clubs lined up side by side contain fun events and music.


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