When Cyprus is mentioned, sea, sand, nature and historical texture come to mind. Northern Cyprus is famous for its Mediterranean’s perfect climate and warm people, and Northern Cyprus is the most beautiful island connecting the 3 continents. It has immaculate beaches and nature. In addition, there are many places to visit in Northern Cyprus such as Girne Castle and Bufavento Castle.

Northern Cyprus is known as a holiday paradise due to its climate, nature and location. It is a place where people can spend pleasant moments with their loved ones, come and relax at certain times of the year, and more importantly, invest. There are many residences in Northern Cyprus for both nature lovers and active life lovers. The Northern Cyprus real estate sector has houses that can meet every expectation. Northern Cyprus real estate diversity has increased even more recently. Cyprus Real Estate has both well-equipped, quality and scenic residences.

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle is located in the northeast of Kyrenia, which is the most popular tourist resort on the island with its natural beauties and history. It is also located in a port that opens to the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Kyrenia Castle has remained unharmed in the Mediterranean since the Middle Ages. It has a historical scent. It fascinates the viewers. There are traces of Byzantine, Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman, and British civilizations in the castle.

Buffavento Castle

Buffavento Castle was built during the Byzantine period. It is positioned on the Çatalköy ridge of the city of Kyrenia. The castle is about 950 meters above sea level and is on the windiest hill of the Cyprus peninsula. The date the castle was built is unknown. Getting to Buffavento Castle is quite difficult. The castle was used as a prison between 1382-1398.

Buffavento castle consists of two different parts. These sections are called upper and lower castles. The lower castle opens into dormitories with an arched entrance and rooms used as provisions. The upper castle, on the other hand, has door and room arches made in the Byzantine style. The view of the castle is magnificent. Looking to the south, the view of the Troodos mountains and the city of Nicosia can be seen. You can watch a magnificent sky view from the northern part of the castle.

Bellapais Manastırı

Bellapais monastery is one of the best examples of gothic architecture. If you want to take a small part in the magnificent historical scene of Cyprus, you should not return without stopping by Bellapais Monastery. It is a place that can be seen from almost anywhere in Kyrenia. The monastery has sea and nature views.

Goldmark Estates

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