Things To Do In North Cyprus

If you like the summer months and swimming, Northern Cyprus can be one of the best holiday destinations for you. This small country is one of the right addresses for a peaceful holiday with its natural beauties and non-crowded population. That’s why many investors buy real estate in Northern Cyprus. Real estate such as land and flats is a good investment in Northern Cyprus.


You can use your real estate investment in Northern Cyprus both for your own holiday and rent it out to visitors who come here. What to do in Cyprus? What events can you attend if you come here? In this article, we try to answer these questions.




Northern Cyprus has many beautiful beaches because it is an island country. About 300 days of the year are sunny in Northern Cyprus. It is possible to swim in almost all of these days. That’s why this country is a very good option for a nice sea vacation. Swimming and sunbathing on the beaches of Northern Cyprus is one of the best activities you can do during the day on your holiday here. What are the best beaches in Northern Cyprus? Let’s give some information about the Northern Cyprus beaches.


North Cyprus Altinkum Beach has golden sands and a deep blue sea. “Altinkum” means “golden sand” in English. This name is given because the sand is very yellow. The mountainous region at the northern end of the island of Cyprus is called Karpas. Altinkum beaches are in Karpaz.


Alagadi Beach is a public beach located in Kyrenia. Entry to this beach is free. This beach, which is the spawning area of Caretta caretta and green turtles, is protected very well. Acapulco Beach


Acapulco is actually a resort hotel. Visitors not staying at the hotel can stay on the beach by paying the entrance fee. In other words, the beach hosts both hotel guests and visitors from outside.


Glapsides Beach is located in Famagusta. The beach has sandy beaches and a clean sea. it is a very suitable beach for families with kids because the sea does not get deep easily at Glapsides Beach. In addition to these beaches, you can swim and sunbathe on many beautiful beaches in Cyprus.


Enjoy the View


Northern Cyprus has many valuable places in terms of both nature and culture. These are places that visitors must see and enjoy the view.


Selimiye Mosque is one of these places. This building in North Nicosia has been converted from a Roman Catholic cathedral to a mosque. It is the oldest mosque in the Northern Cyprus region.


Kyrenia Castle is in the northeast of Kyrenia. The castle, most of which is on the sea, has a unique view. It is thought that the original castle was built by the Byzantines in the 7th century AD to defend Kyrenia against Arab raids.


Another place with a fascinating view in Northern Cyprus is the Beşparmak Mountains. These are the mountains ranged along the northern part of Cyprus.

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Watch the Sunset


Northern Cyprus is a very beautiful country for vacationing and having fun. However, you can experience romantic moments in Northern Cyprus. Just watching the sunset can be enough to have a romantic moment. Sunlight falling into the sea in the last minutes of the day is one of the unforgettable moments.


Enjoy the Traditional Food


Since the island of Cyprus has been ruled by states and empires with different cultures throughout history, it also has many alternatives in traditional cuisine.


Peach Kebab, Molehiya, Pilafuna, Stuffed Flowers, Halloumi, Macunlar, Gullurikya, Piruhi, Kolokas, Magarina Bulli and Cyprus Meatballs are among the traditional meals in Northern Cyprus.



 Take Photos


Cyprus has so much richness in every aspect that every corner is worth taking a photo of. Taking photos is one of the activities that should be done in the country where historical, cultural and natural beauties coexist.

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