Things to consider when buying a house in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a great country overall. It’s a great choice for a vacation, a great choice for a summer house but especially, to buy real estate and own an overseas paid home.

Despite it’s really hard to make a bad choice while buying property in North Cyprus there are still some important details to pay attention to before the final decision.

First of all you should make your research but before your research, you should sit down with yourself or your family and decide what exactly you are looking for. It wouldn’t be so wise to buy a summerhouse near clubs if you are going to live there with your family. There are some certain questions you or your family needs to answer to find the exact right house you require.  Like, you might need a hospital near the house if you have someone old and sick living with you. You might need a calm town to live in if you are a silent and chill type of person. And for example, if you are a teenager looking to have fun as much as possible of course you are going to want to live in a city with a young population. North Cyprus is a very young country in general and that’s kind of why it is such alive and active country with so many beautiful activities and fun events.


The proximity of the property to the city center

Being close to the city center is one of the important factors that make a property more valuable.  But while buying real estate for yourself, you should consider your own needs first. If you are going to be working in the city of course you should buy a house close to the city center. But if you are going to live in North Cyprus for its amazing nature and just plan to have a chill life there then it’s not necessary for you to buy a house near the city. Thanks to North Cyprus being an island the transportation there is really easy and fast. You can travel through cities between hours and it is a really great advantage. So you can buy a house from a place that’s actually away from the city center and enjoy the calmness of the sea or natural beauties of  North Cyprus and still be able to visit the city in a very short time.

Still, if your time is really valuable you can buy overseas paid home in the middle of the city center and can reach every type of really quickly in North Cyprus.


Affordability in Real Estate

Thanks to the low property taxes and housing, which is very optimal for foreigners, real estate is affordable in North Cyprus. You can buy a truly great house without paying a fortune in Cyprus and enjoy all the beauties of North Cyprus for your whole life. It’s also a great investment to own an overseas paid home in North Cyprus because North Cyprus is a developing country.


The proximity of the property to parks and gardens

Having a house close to parks and gardens is good for your health and is really important if you have children. So it would be nice to pay attention and see if there are parks and gardens close to the real estate you are interested in buying.



Entertainment places around the property

North Cyprus is a country with a lot of entertainment places and opportunities full of young people. So it’s hard to live somewhere without being close to someplace that is fun. Still, you can choose somewhere more silent if you prefer a calmer lifestyle.

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