The Most Popular Area of North Cyprus in 2021: Esentepe

You would like to invest in real estate in Cyprus, so you should have information about the Cyprus real estate sector before investing. One of your options should be to buy real estate in Northern Cyprus, as interest in Cyprus for vacation and investment has increased in recent years, both from Turkey and Europe. One of the real estate types in Cyprus is Esentepe villas for sale. That has attracted a lot of attention recently. So, what is the reason why Northern Cyprus residences and Esentepe villas for sale are so popular?


You can continue reading our article to have information about the TRNC Esentepe villas for sale. We will also share various villas for sale in Esentepe for investment purposes in that article.

Why Is Esentepe So Popular in 2021?


When it comes to Northern Cyprus, the first thing that comes to mind is; sea, sun, a fun holiday, and summer weather that lasts almost all year. Although these features are very familiar to those who know Northern Cyprus well, Northern Cyprus is a country that also contains hidden beauties that not everyone knows. The town of Esentepe, located in the Alagadi region, east of the city of Kyrenia, is one of these hidden beauties.


When you look at Esentepe, which has a unique view where the mountains and the clean water of the Mediterranean meet, you will be fascinated by the endless blue of the Mediterranean. There are various villas for sale in Esentepe, where you can feel as comfortable as at home. In the town of Esentepe, you can find traditional houses that have been preserved in their old state, as well as structures that may attract your attention and where you can spend your holiday. In addition, thanks to the Esentepe luxury villas for sale, Esentepe became even more popular in 2021.

The Charm of Esentepe Villas!


With unique scenery, pristine beaches, and real estate types, Esentepe is increasing in value day by day. Esentepe villas for sale, which are popular in Esentepe, are also very popular lately. With their luxurious designs, clean beaches, unique views and luminosity, these villas are a type of real estate that anyone who wants to live in Cyprus wants to buy.

The Best Example of Esentepe Villas for Sale                         


One of the best examples of Esentepe villas for sale is the Esentepe Kyrenia new project for sale. That resort is composed of eight blocks of two-story apartments, which include 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses. Moreover, there are eight villas located on the front line. The site is located next to the Mediterranean Sea in Esentepe, which is one of the most popular regions of North Cyprus and is surrounded by numerous amenities.

That villas Location:

  • 26 km drive to Kyrenia, the city center
  • 7 km drive to Golf area, the biggest in Cyprus
  • 46 km drive to Ercan Airport
  • 32 km drive to Beshparmak Mountains
  • 55 km drive to Famagusta, an ancient city
  • 5 km drive to Turtle Bay Beach
  • 56 km drive to Lefkosa, the capital
  • 5 km from Esentepe village


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