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The type of investment that has the most significant return today is real estate investment. The real estate sector, which is among the first choices of people who are considering investing, has an influential position as TRNC real estate and North Cyprus Real Estate. There are main reasons why Cyprus is a pioneer in the real estate sector. One of these reasons is that it provides investors with profits...

3 North Cyprus Properties for Investment!

You would like to invest in real estate in Cyprus, but you do not know much about North Cyprus property types. One of your options should be to buy a house in Northern Cyprus, as interest in Cyprus has increased in recent years from both Turkey and Europe for vacation likewise investment. Therefore what are the types of North Cyprus property Villas and North Cyprus Real Estate? What should you consider...


When Cyprus is mentioned, sea, sand, nature and historical texture come to mind. Northern Cyprus is famous for its Mediterranean's perfect climate and warm people, and Northern Cyprus is the most beautiful island connecting the 3 continents. It has immaculate beaches and nature. In addition, there are many places to visit in Northern Cyprus such as Girne Castle and Bufavento Castle. Northern Cyprus is...

3 Secret Charms You Must Not Miss During Your North Cyprus Travel!

Northern Cyprus travel will be different from other trips you will make. Because it has an extraordinary history and touristic places that will surprise you. Since many people are interested in such places, we have searched a few places for you. Ghost City    Ghost City, with its tragic story, was a forbidden zone that not only bears the scars of the past but also the war scars. Ghost City,...

3 Cities You Must Not Miss While Visiting North Cyprus!

Northern Cyprus has recently become a destination visited by many travelers. The natural beauties, historical monuments, and hospitality of Northern Cyprus have always attracted the attention of many tourists. Kyrenia   Known as the Pearl of Cyprus, Kyrenia attracts the attention of many tourists as it is surrounded by the Mediterranean port city in the north and the Beşparmak Mountains in...

Why Should You Buy a Summer House in Cyprus?

Buying a summer house in Cyprus has become very popular among EU citizens, and lately it also attracts people from outside Europe. But what are the reasons? Do they just casually wake up one day and think about buying a summer house in an island which is far away from where they live? No, obviously not. This article will give you the most convincing reasons for buying a summer house in Cyprus while...

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