Reasons to go to North Cyprus on Honeymoon


There are many reasons to spend your honeymoon in North Cyprus after the most memorable day of your life. In this post, we write one by one why newlyweds prefer North Cyprus o honeymoon.



Why North Cyprus


North Cyprus is one of the most preferred destinations for both honeymoon and ordinary holiday. The region is very suitable for sea holidays because it is an island. Honeymoon is not only fun, but also a peaceful holiday. If you choose a good hotel in Cyprus, all of these are possible.


There are many activities which you can have a good time even without leaving the hotel. You can relieve stress with treatments and therapies in spa centers. You can have lots of fun with recreational organizations. If you want to experience these activities and more, choose hotels in North Cyprus on your honeymoon.


North Cyprus may be the best location for a dream honeymoon vacation regardless of summer or winter because this region is always fun and beautiful both in winter and in summer. Hotels in the area are open every month of the year and continue their activities.




Clean Beaches


North Cyprus is rich in clean beaches. Moreover if you want to spend some days of your honeymoon swimming, you shouldn’t just do it in the hotel’s pool. You should definitely see the world-famous beaches of North Cyprus.


Altinkum Beach is one of the best beaches in North Cyprus. The beach is on Karpaz Peninsula. This beach is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love in mythology. This uniquely beautiful beach got its name from the color of its sand. “Altin” means “Gold” in English and “Kum” means “Sand”.


If you meet a Cypriot, the first of the beaches he will recommend to you may be Glapsides Beach. This beach is especially attractive for camping lovers and students. It is one of the most affordable beaches in the region. If you love underwater sports, this beach will satisfy you.


Yesilirmak is another clean North Cyprus beach. This beach takes its name from its green nature. Yesilirmak Beach is not in a very central location so it is so quite calm and peaceful.


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 Accommodation Facilities


North Cyprus hotels are open for all seasons with the same service quality. This is the biggest feature of North Cyprus hotels. However some services only vary from month to month due to weather conditions. There are many types of accommodation that can be preferred in North Cyprus. There are many accommodation options such as hotels, holiday villages and hostels in North Cyprus. That’s why there are options in North Cyprus that suit everyone’s budget.



A Joyful Honeymoon


If you want to have a fun honeymoon, you can participate in many entertainment activities. In addition to swimming, city tours and having fun in bars, there are many activities to be done in North Cyprus. You can go to the concerts of famous artists and you can participate in entertaining local festivals.


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