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Real estate investors always prefer to invest in regions that will gain value. The shorter the depreciation of the investment, the more important the real estate is to investors. Real estate investors first calculate the depreciation of the investment.

Constantly Increasing Values in North Cyprus


Investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus is very advantageous both for rental income and for waiting for its appraisal. Although the real estate prices on the island seem to be higher compared to the real estate prices in Turkey, it is a great advantage that the investments increase in a shorter time.


The biggest concern of many investors who buy property for rent is whether they can find a tenant. The investor needs to rent the purchased property in a short time to obtain a regular income.


The Rental Income


It is possible to rent real estates in Northern Cyprus in a short time. Both apartments and shops can be rented at short notice. Even if you do not live in Northern Cyprus, you can find tenants for your real estate investment in a short time by contacting real estate consultants in this region.


Seasonal rentals are very common because Northern Cyprus is an ideal region for a holiday. Some of the tourists visiting the region prefer to stay in apartments rather than hotels. Especially for tourists with children, accommodation in an apartment is more advantageous in terms of both price and comfort.


Summers are long, as the number of sunny days is high in the region. The region is preferred especially for summer holidays. Tourists visit the region for about five months of the year for their summer vacations. Even a five-month rental income in the region during the year can be bigger than a few years’ rental incomes in other countries. In this way, your real estate is used less and you earn more money.

Center for Quality Education

Private universities are institutions that make a great contribution to the economy of Northern Cyprus. Many students, especially from Turkey, prefer to study at private universities in Northern Cyprus. Because the prices of private universities in this country are much more affordable than in many other countries.

Structure of the Cypriot People

According to the latest census results, the population of Cyprus is 382 thousand people.


The social life of Northern Cyprus is as colorful as its natural beauties, customs, traditions, and social life. The sense of social support in the country is very high. Hospitality is the most characteristic feature of the Turkish Cypriot community. Catering and hospitality are the most distinctive features of daily life in Northern Cyprus. The people of the region are very friendly and entertaining due to its geographical structure and climate.


Cypriot cuisine reflects the mosaic of these cultures with the influence of different cultures dating back to ancient times. The cooking and presentation of the meal are very important for the Cypriot people. It is a culture and reflects their character.

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