Northern Cyprus Real Estate Property Types

You prefer to invest in real estate in Cyprus, but you do not know much about North Cyprus Real Estate types. One of your options should be to buy a house in Northern Cyprus, as interest in Cyprus has increased in recent years from both Turkey and Europe for vacation likewise investment. So what are the types of Northern Cyprus Villas and North Cyprus Real Estate? What should you consider before buying apartment houses, villas, and detached houses for sale in Cyprus?


You can continue reading our article to have information about Northern Cyprus Villas, North Cyprus Real Estate,  North Cyprus Properties For Sale, and Kyrenia Properties For Sale.

North Cyprus Apartment Houses 


Those who want to buy a house in Cyprus have difficulty deciding due to the cheap house prices and the wide variety of North Cyprus real estate. In Northern Cyprus, which is preferred by those who want to invest in North Cyprus Real Estate, the type of Real Estate is high. Apartment houses and residential flats in the city center are more preferred among Northern Cyprus Real Estates. In addition, apartment houses provide the most suitable investment advantage in terms of price. These houses also show price changes according to cities and regions.


With GoldMark, you can easily find a house that meets your expectations as a priority and fits your budget. If you are researching apartment houses for sale in TRNC for investment purposes, you may need to think a little more budget-oriented here. Whatever the reason, the range of properties for sale in Cyprus provides a suitable alternative for everyone.

Northern Cyprus Villas        


As the interest in Cyprus house for sale advertisements increased, it was inevitable that the Real Estate companies selling North Cyprus Real Estate would also increase. Being an island country, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an attractive investment location with its Mediterranean climate, deep blue seas, valuable lands, and buildings. If you want to buy Northern Cyprus villas, as a foreign investor, you have the chance to buy three residences in Cyprus, and you should know that only one of these residences can be a villa.


It is easy to find a villa suitable for your budget, especially in Cyprus. In other words, before investing, you should know in which areas you will make these three investments and act in line with these decisions. If you want to buy more than three houses, you must establish an inactive company through lawyers.

North Cyprus Detached Houses      


Another North Cyprus Properties For Sale type in Cyprus is detached houses. Detached houses are always preferred because they provide a more spacious and broader life. In Kyrenia Properties For Sale, detached houses gained more importance with the changing real estate preferences, especially after COVID-19. Detached houses with gardens also provide advantages for families with children and individuals with pets.


Many people who do not want to encounter undesirable situations such as neighbor noise prefer a detached house. In addition, detached houses prices are slightly more costly than apartments.


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