Life in Northern Cyprus

Living in Northern Cyprus will make you feel very different and special. There are many other reasons such as the respectful communication between people, the high level of education for this.


The thing that most affects real estate investment in Northern Cyprus is the way of life in this country. The lifestyle of the local people attracts real estate investors. The people of Northern Cyprus are fun, cordial, and friendly.


There are six districts in Northern Cyprus. These are Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzelyurt, Iskele and Lefke. Life conditions in Cyprus are much more comfortable and attractive. You can realize your dreams of having a house and a car at much more affordable prices.


Standard of Living


Living in Northern Cyprus can be very enjoyable for those who love nature and the sea. The biggest standard of living here is that the sea and nature are your friends. 8-9 months of the year are sunny in Cyprus. At least 5-6 months is the holiday season.


North Cyprus has a climate suitable for agriculture. The island has hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. In other words, while you don’t need to wear thick coats in winter on the island, you can cool off by swimming on clean beaches in summers.


Beauty of Nature


Northern Cyprus covers an area of approximately 3,355 square kilometers. It is the part separated from the rest of Cyprus by the UN buffer zone. One of the biggest reasons for buying real estate in Northern Cyprus is the region’s natural beauties. The most beautiful natural assets of Northern Cyprus are the beautiful beaches. In addition to its beautiful beaches, North Cyprus Beşparmak Mountains, Green Heights Botanic Park, Karpaz Peninsula, the natural nests of sea turtles are other natural beauties of Northern Cyprus.


Social Activities


Northern Cyprus hosts many colorful and entertaining festivals, especially at the beginning of summer. These festivals are important to get to know the Cypriot culture better. International Bellapais Music Festival and Gazi Famagusta Culture, Art and Tourism Festival are examples of festivals in Northern Cyprus.



Education in Northern Cyprus is compulsory and free of charge from 5 to 17 years old. Education language in public schools and colleges is predominantly Turkish. English is taught as a second language, along with German or French as an elective course. Education is given in public schools and colleges with the curriculum determined by the Ministry of Education. The history of Turkey and Cyprus is an important part of education.


Private schools and colleges charge fees, and prices vary according to the institution, student age, and academic year. Although they are private” institutions, they must obey the principles of core curriculum, assessment, discipline, and teaching standards approved by the Ministry of Education.

Wonderful Living Spaces


When Northern Cyprus is mentioned, one of the first animals that come to mind is sea turtles. They lay their eggs here during certain seasons of the year because they have natural nests in Northern Cyprus. Red vultures, Mediterranean seals and rabbitfish are among the other wonderful creatures living in the region.

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