Life in North Cyprus is wealth and ease

Living in Northern Cyprus has wealth and ease. Cyprus has both natural beauties and good economic opportunities. Many investors plan to buy real estate in Northern Cyprus Because of these advantages.

The Rental Income in North Cyprus


Northern Cyprus has many investment advantages, as in many other areas. One of these areas is real estate income. Northern Cyprus is famous for its natural beauties and magnificent beaches. Therefore, the region is very valuable in terms of tourism. If you own a property in Northern Cyprus, you may have a high rental income. The most valuable rental properties in Northern Cyprus are stores, flats, and villas.


The area of Northern Cyprus is smaller than many cities. Therefore, the number of valuable real estate in city centers is not very high. It is also not possible to build new real estate. Because there is hardly any vacant land. Real estate in the region always gains in value. Even though the price is higher for you at the time you buy it the value of your real estate will be very high a few years later.



Northern Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean. It is the third-largest island in this region after Sardinia and Sicily. The island is in the south of Turkey and its capital is Nicosia. The area of the island is approximately 9251 km2. The capital of the island is Nicosia that is the largest city on the island. It is possible to reach Northern Cyprus both by air and by sea. It is also possible to reach the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by sea via Mersin province. Transportation by sea takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. It is not possible to reach by road because it is an island country.


The Ease


It is very easy to arrive and live in Northern Cyprus. This small island country is a very good option to spend your summer vacation. Although real estate prices are slightly higher than the prices in Turkey, real estate income is very high. The biggest reason for this is that the region is touristic.

The Sales Potential


The number of quality and suitable real estate in Northern Cyprus is limited. Real estate is very easy to sell. These assets are easy to rent as well as easy to sell. You can easily rent out the real estate you buy for investment. Even if you do not live in Northern Cyprus, there are many experienced real estate companies in the area.

The Proceedings


Buying real estate in Northern Cyprus is not very difficult. Northern Cyprus has very flexible laws regarding both real estate acquisition and tax laws. The government of Northern Cyprus offers convenience to anyone who wants to invest in real estate in the country. You will see how easy it is to own real estate in Northern Cyprus after getting knowledge of several estate agencies.

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