Historical Beauties of Northern Cyprus

There are very few cities in the country. In this article, we briefly introduce the cities of Northern Cyprus because Northern Cyprus is a small island in terms of area. These cities are home to many natural beauties and historical values. If your aim is to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus, we recommend you to read this information about these cities.

Walled city Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is literally the story of two halves. It can also be said to be an excellent point to start exploring natural beauties and historical places due to its location.

In Old Nicosia, the roads are quite narrow and dead-end streets, while in New Nicosia, there is a much wider area of vertical and horizontal development. Nicosia bears traces of all the civilizations that have ruled on the island of Cyprus with its unique atmosphere and history. Nicosia is the first capital city in the world to be divided into two. This is the most important feature of Nicosia. It has a population of about 61,000 people. Thousands of visitors from all over the world come to the city every year.

St Hilarion Castle Kyrenia

St. Hilarion Castle is located in the west of the three castles built on the Beshparmak Mountains against possible Arab attacks from the north coast. The northern part of the island was sought to be secured with the Girne Castle. The castle is 700 meters above sea level. A monastery and a church were added to the castle in the 10th century. There is no exact information about the date of construction. The castle got its current name from a Saint. He migrated to Cyprus after the Arab conquest of Jerusalem and spent the last years of his life in worship here.

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Closed Maras, Famagusta

Closed Maras is within the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Varosha is the Greek name of Maras.

The city has the status of a military zone with the agreement made after the 1974 military operation. Closed Maras was one of the most famous holiday resorts in the Mediterranean before 1974. The United Nations controls the city. Because it is in the “Green Line” buffer zone that divides the island of Cyprus into two. There is a building belonging to the UN.

Closed Maras was an important tourism center before 1974. It had 45 hotels, 60 apartments and around 3 thousand commercial workplaces. It is said that the world’s first 7-star hotel was first built here.

Buyuk Han, Nicosia

 Buyuk Han is one of the historical monuments of Nicosia, the capital of Norhern Cyprus. It has attracted great interest since the age when it was built.

its construction began after the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus. There are a fountain-like structure and a masjid (prayer room) located in center of the courtyard. It was used as a prison for a while by the United Kingdom between 1878 and 1903. Because it was under the domination of the United Kingdom in this period. The real function of the inn was maintained between 1903 and 1947. Today, There are small restaurants, coffee houses and souvenir shops in the inn.

Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia


Bellapais Monastery was built between 1158 and 1205. It is one of the most important places and works of gothic architectural style to be seen in Northern Cyprus with its view. You can see the whole of the North coast and the beautiful mountain scenery. The monastery is known as a masterpiece of Gothic art and the finest example in the Near East. A large part of the structure that survives today was built by the King of France III. Hugh.

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