Good Option for Investment and Holiday; Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is an ideal country for both vacation and investment with its natural beauties and historical structure. Besides these beauties, Cyprus has many advantages for a permanent life.

Very Low Crime Rate

Life in Northern Cyprus is peaceful and calm. The reason why the region is peaceful and calm is not only its natural beauties. People living in this country are friendly and polite. The biggest reason why people in this region are so friendly and polite is their hospitality. Hospitality is one of the greatest characteristics of Turks.

The fact that people in this country have a high level of education is another factor that makes the country peaceful. This is the biggest impact of the low crime rate in Northern Cyprus. One of the biggest problems of many developed countries in terms of tourism is that the local people have high crime rates. However, there is no such problem in Northern Cyprus. Everyone in the country respects each other’s rights.


Rent Depreciation Periods Last 10-15 Years

If you are thinking of buying real estate for rent, one of the things you should pay attention to is the depreciation of the investment. The depreciation of the investment means how long it will take for the investor to earn the amount of money given while purchasing.


For example, if you rent a real estate for 200 thousand Euros for 1200 Euros, you can earn 200 thousand Euros in approximately 14 years. The 14 years in this calculation are considered to be the depreciation of the investment.

Beautiful Nature

Undoubtedly, it is the unique natural beauty that makes Northern Cyprus one of the most valuable places in the Mediterranean. Northern Cyprus is the first place to go for many people, especially during summer holidays, with its green areas and clean beaches.


Kyrenia Mountains, Karpaz Peninsula, Natural Homes of Sea Turtles, Altinkum Beach are popular natural beauties in Northern Cyprus. In addition to these, the greatest wealth of Northern Cyprus is that it has a clean sea.



Turkish Liras can be Used in Northern Cyprus

Turkey is the country with which Northern Cyprus has the best relationship. The Republic of Turkey has always accepted the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a part of itself. The good political relations have created a great trust between the two countries in terms of trade. Therefore, Turkish Lira can be used in Northern Cyprus.

Blue Flag Beaches


The greatest natural beauties of Northern Cyprus are its beaches. Since the country is an island, it is surrounded by water on all sides. That’s why it is rich in beaches. There are many blue flag beaches in the country. Konnos Bay, Escape Beach, Nissi Beach, Glapsides, Mercan Bay are some of the blue flag beaches of Northern Cyprus.


If you want to own real estate in Cyprus, you can contact a real estate agency. Real estate agents in North Cyprus assist you with the procedures for purchasing real estate in North Cyprus.


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