The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is known as the third largest island in the Mediterranean due to its features. It is among the most popular places with its climatic conditions and impressive nature. Even though it looks like a small island country, it is pretty developed in the fields of tourism and education and appeals to a large audience. With its historical structures, natural beauties, and seas, Northern Cyprus has also shown significant development in the field of investment property in recent years. Cyprus, which embodies all these beauties, and also provides numerous opportunities for those who want to invest in real estate. In addition, Nicosia, Famagusta, Iskele, Girne, and Güzelyurt of Cyprus are among the holiday, tourism, and investment areas. These are the areas that must be taken into account when investing in real estate. Northern Cyprus real estate would be the best place to buy an investment property.


Life is very active in Kyrenia, one of the districts of Northern Cyprus. With tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer months, Girne is the most popular holiday resort on the island of Cyprus. Kyrenia, with an area of approximately 50 square kilometers, also has historical monuments. With its shopping centers, touristic facilities, nightlife and entertainment venues, and restaurants, Kyrenia is known as a tourism paradise. Kyrenia Castle is one of the most magnificent works of the city. The most prominent advantage of Kyrenia is that it has a Tourism Port where sea voyages are made. Another advantage is that the American University and the Teknecik Power Plant, which is the lifeblood of Northern Cyprus and meets the electrical energy, are located in Kyrenia. Kyrenia is also among the first preferred places for investment due to its fun and quiet life opportunities.


Famagusta is located on the east coast of Cyprus and has the deepest port on the island. Moreover, being the most significant port Cyprus of the island Famagusta has also become a gateway to the Levant ports extending to Western Europe, where Silk Road traders are located. Famagusta is also famous for its long beaches. The city of Famagusta, which is by walls, contains many unique structures and these unique structures attract the attention of tourists. Thanks to its features, it opens its doors to many tourists, which provides an extra advantage for those who want to invest. Every year, the International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival is locked in Famagusta, and during the Festival, concerts, dance performances, and theater plays are performed. Since the city has an important location in terms of tourism, there are many hotels.

İskele Long Beach

Tourism is the principal source of income for the region in the Iskele town of Cyprus. In addition, there are other sources of income as fishing and farming. Iskele long beach has become the most popular place recently. Cyprus has hot weather throughout all four seasons and has a great density, especially with the long summer months. It is one of the favorite places in summer with its magnificent view and blue and green together. When the long beach is specified, the beaches come to mind. Since it has a significant touristic location, it is among the first choices of investors. Transportation is easy at Iskele long beach. Iskele long beach is on the main road, so it is within walking distance of many places. The landscaping is also done carefully. It is among the areas that can be preferred to benefit from all these beautiful opportunities and lead a peaceful life.


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