All you need to know about Northern Cyprus

If you are thinking of buying real estate in Northern Cyprus, you need to know the real estate prices in this country. However, knowing the real estate prices in a country is not enough to invest in real estate in that country. In this article, we will give brief information about other information that should be known about this country in order to invest in Northern Cyprus.

Weather Conditions


The summer season in Northern Cyprus is hot and long and the climate is the Mediterranean. The hottest days in the country are in July and August. February and December are the rainiest months.

If you like sunny and hot days, one of the countries where you can be the happiest is Northern Cyprus. About 300 days of the year are sunny in Northern Cyprus.


The winters are mild and the country rains in December, January and February. It is very rainy in Kyrenia mountains and their surroundings. The weather in Kyrenia region is better than in other parts of the island. The winter temperature in Northern Cyprus is usually around 15°C.

Currency Unit

The currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. The tourism and education sector are the sectors that bring the most foreign exchange to Northern Cyprus. According to economic statistical studies, the most important goods imported to the country are vehicles. The most exported products in the country are citrus and dairy products.


A part of the country’s budget consists of financial aid from Turkey. The unemployment rate in the country is about 10%.



The official language in Northern Cyprus is Turkish. But the Turkish spoken by the people is different from the Turkish of Turkey. Some words in Northern Cyprus Turkish are not used or known at all in Turkey Turkish. Some Northern Cyprus Turkish words may have different meanings in Turkey Turkish.

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Throughout history, the island of Cyprus has been occupied by different civilizations. For this reason, the traditional cuisine of Cyprus has very different recipes from each other. The biggest difference in the kitchen is that the dishes are generally classified as Turkish food or Greek food. The fact that Cyprus has been ruled by different civilizations has provided both western and eastern dishes in this region.

The people of Northern Cyprus have a mixture of natural honey with yoghurt as well as local fruits for breakfast. Eggs, pastries, bread, cheese, jam and coffee are also available for breakfast.


Daily and fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits are eaten in Northern Cyprus cuisine.


Lunch consists of fish, salad, bread, appetizers and sometimes soup. Desserts or fruits are eaten after the main meal. Drinking coffee is a common habit.


At dinner, “ordovr” and appetizers with nearly twenty varieties are served before the main course. Ordovr is a small dish served before a meal in European cuisine. Grills such as grilled halloumi, meatballs, shish kebab, peach kebab, cube kebab, “kolokas”, “molohiya”, borek, bumbar, potato meatballs and stuffed zucchini flowers are meals for dinner.


In Northern Cyprus, a paste is made from many fruits. The fruits are sorted and washed at first and kept in lime until the bitterness disappears. Then it is cooked and kept in dense sugar syrup. Some of them are canned and others are served fresh.



There are many accommodation options in North Cyprus because tourism is one of the country’s most important sources of income. There are hotels, apartments and hostels suitable for any budget in Cyprus. Luxury hotels organize many recreational and entertainment activities as well as accommodation for their customers. Some luxury hotels have casinos inside. It is possible to see tourists who come to Northern Cyprus just to gamble. In addition to these luxury hotels, you can stay in half-board hotels or hostels for a modest holiday.

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