5 Reasons to Spend This Summer in North Cyprus

People do not want to waste their summer vacations with wrong holiday places. Generally everybody wants holiday places with some major features like good cuisine, clean and beautiful nature, interesting historical places to trip and fun activites. Northern Cyprus is an excellent component of these features. People who want to experience an unforgettable summer should come and try Northern Cyprus. You will be greeted beautifully by warm-blooded people. If you have not heard of Northern Cyprus before and if you are curious about this place, let us tell the reasons why you should go vacation to there in this summer without wasting time.



1- Delicious Dishes


How good can summer be without delicious dishes? A holiday place that lacked a unique and beautiful kitchen would never be appealing. Northern Cyprus will not disappoint you with its extensive cuisine which combining eastern and western flavors. Visitors who visiting North Cyprus will find an array of dining options, ranging from basic tavernas to international-style restaurants. Also you will be greeted warmly and cordially wherever you go to eat.


If we need to recommend you about the delicious dishes you should eat in Northern Cyprus, We would like you to start by trying different appetizers like the variety of olives, hummus, cacik, pastrami, fava which are served twenty-four varieties before the main meal and are called “meze”. After that, you can try the very famous meat dishes like seftali kebab, küp kebab, traditional Cyprus meatballs and most kinds of seafood. In addition, you should absolutely give pastries such as borek, lahmacun, kolokas a chance. You can also finish with desserts like baklava, gullurikya.


2- Beaches


The role of beaches in summer holidays is quite important. Everyone wants to tan on gorgeous beaches and swim in clean waters. North Cyprus is the best holiday destination for such demands. Its beaches are one of the island’s most popular attractions. The coastlines of North Cyprus offers a variety of indispensable summer activities as water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving in addition to a clean and beautiful beach. You can use your time for fun without wasting during your vacation. If you go to North Cyprus you should definitely see the world-famous beaches. Beaches such as Karpaz Golden, Glapsides, and Acapulco are must-sees.

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3- Historical Places


Swimming and sunbathing are not the only activities available during the summer. North Cyprus also has very good options for those who are interested in history and want to visit historical places. You will come across several historical structures that will have an impact on you and make you want to learn more about their past.


Because of its geographical location, Cyprus serves as a link between Near Eastern and Aegean cultures. Numerous artworks from various civilizations active in Cypriot history have been left here. Cyprus resembles a mash-up of civilizations due to these features and there are definitely many places to see.

4- Unique Nature


Who would not want to see a beautiful and clean nature? Apart from all its other beauties, its nature is very different. Cyprus’ natural beauty is a result of its Mediterranean climate. It has a unique geography that includes mountains, plains and plants. There are many different types of trees and flowers such as Pine, Cypress, Oak trees, orchids and 19 endemic plant species. North Cyprus also has a diverse range of animals, such as birds, sea turtles, wild sheeps and donkeys.


5- Famous Casinos


It is impossible to imagine a summer without fun. But do not worry, you can enjoy the fun in Cyprus. We think there is no one who does not know the famous casinos of Cyprus. Casinos, which provide their customers with a wide range of games and entertainment of world-class quality, are an integral component of Northern Cyprus’ nightlife. Also casino culture includes well-known artists and world-famous shows. We bet you will not be disappointed if you go and try casinos in this summer.


In today’s article, we explained why Northern Cyprus should be your first choice for a summer vacation. If you prefer North Cyprus for your holiday, a summer holiday full of different experiences will be waiting for you.

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