5 Essential Things To Before You Go To North Cyprus

Investors who want to invest in a different country or city first want to obtain some information in the place where they will invest. This article shares information about this country under some titles for our visitors who want to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus. If you consider buying real estate in Cyprus, we recommend you to read this article.


History of Northern Cyprus


Cyprus was taken from Venice in 1571 by the Ottoman Empire. The island was under the Ottoman rule for 307 years. In 1878, it was given to England, but the sovereignty was in the Ottoman Empire. England annexed the island with a unilateral decision in 1914 because Ottoman Empire and England were different groups in World War I. Turkey accepted British sovereignty over the island in 1923 with the Lausanne Treaty.


The Turkish population was more than the Greeks in Cyprus until the beginning of the 18th century. The Turks, who were engaged in agriculture, had more land on the island. Social and cultural life has always been different between Greeks and Turks. There was no marriage between Turks and Greeks.


The “Republic of Cyprus” was established in 1960 pursuant to international treaties based on a partnership between the two peoples of the island. The constitution of the state was based on the equal political rights and status of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot peoples. The Greek Cypriot side did not continue the 1960 Republic as it was established. They began to isolate and exclude the Turkish Cypriots from state institutions, the structure of the “Republic of Cyprus” formed by the treaties system. They initiated attempts to unite with Greece (ENOSIS).

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On August 2, 1975, a population exchange agreement was signed between Rauf Denktaş and Glafkos Klerides in Vienna under the auspices of the UN. Approximately 120,000 Greeks passed from the North to the South, and 65.000Turks passed from the South to the North with this agreement implemented through the UN Peacekeeping Force. Thus, two homogeneous sections of the population were formed. These two sections are separated from each other by a “safe zone” stretching for 180 km and varying between 5 meters and 7 km in width.


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Security Forces Command is the military force tasked with protecting the country against all kinds of attacks from land, sea and air. The TRNC Police Organization and the TRNC Coast Guard Command are also subordinate to the Security Forces Command. The Security Forces Command is not an independent organization but is subordinate to the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces chain of command.

Hiring a Car in North Cyprus


If you want to be comfortable and free on your trip to North Cyprus, the best option is to rent a car in North Cyprus. There are many car rental companies as one of the biggest livelihoods of Northern Cyprus is the tourism sector. Transportation from other countries to this country is provided by sea and air because Northern Cyprus is an island state. You must put your vehicle on cargo ships to go with your own vehicle. It is almost the same price as renting a car. That’s why the best option is to rent a car in North Cyprus.


Public Transportation


There are city and intercity bus and minibus services, car rental and taxi services in all cities of Northern Cyprus. You can come to Northern Cyprus by air or sea. There are no direct flights to Northern Cyprus from countries other than Turkey. You can reach the TRNC from Turkey after a 1-hour flight.


Northern Cyprus is one of the best countries for photography as it has many natural beauties. Professional and amateur photographers come to the country at all times of the year.

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