4 Things To Know About Kyrenia


  Kyrenia is one of the most popular destinations in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It has hosted many civilizations from ancient times to the present. This city, which fascinates people with its narrow Mediterranean streets, is the first choice of those who want to settle in Cyprus.

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Location of Kyrenia


Kyrenia is known as a port city located in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia is one of the most livable places among Mediterranean and European countries with its natural beauties. Considering the location and residential areas of Kyrenia, it provides alternatives for both those who want to live calmly and those who prefer an active life. If you want to spend life by the sea, Kyrenia is just for you. There is no airport in Kyrenia. However, you can go to the airport by taking a short trip to Nicosia. The distance between Ercan Airport in Nicosia and Kyrenia is 42 km.

Weather Condition


The weather of Kyrenia is as important as its location. Since it is in the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean climate is valid. That’s why summers are hot and humid. The hottest month in summer is July. Winter months are generally warm and rainy. The rainiest months are December, January, and February. The Mediterranean climate is the most livable for many people. Everything you need for your mental and physical health is here. Because the climate and natural beauties of Kyrenia are magnificent.

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Kyrenia Castle


Kyrenia Castle has hosted many civilizations since its construction. It was built by the Byzantines in the 7th century. The reason why the castle was built is to protect the city against Arab-Islamic attacks. Since it continues to host artifacts from many cultures, it continues to attract attention from many local and foreign tourists. It is possible to come across traces of Byzantine, Lusignans, Venetian, Ottoman, and British civilizations at the same time while navigating this castle in the harbor of Kyrenia. While visiting the castle, do not forget to watch the view of the harbor from the walls.

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Where to Look for a House for Sale in Kyrenia?


If you want to live in Kyrenia, you may be undecided about renting or buying a house. Let’s say that it is more advantageous to buy a house in Kyrenia in the long run. Many factors such as the luxury of the house you choose, the distance to the sea, and the location affect the price of the house you choose. In addition, tourists and real estate investors often prefer Kyrenia. Because Kyrenia provides a real estate investment opportunity with a high return. You can get the most appropriate information for the house for sale from real estate companies.


 Kyrenia is an interesting city in terms of real estate investment, cultural heritage, and natural beauties. It continues to be one of the primary preferences of people who want to spend a quiet life by the sea. If your choice of city and house matches the features we mentioned, you should take a closer look at Kyrenia.

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