4 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus!

Cyprus is one of the most preferred countries to invest in real estate. Cyprus is an island country that provides many advantages in terms of investment. So, why does Cyprus have a significant position in terms of investment?


Especially in recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in Cyprus from both Turkey and Europe. In addition, with the increasing interest in holiday and real estate investments, the Northern Cyprus real estate sector should be among your real estate investment options. So, what should you pay attention to when investing in Cyprus? What should you consider before investing in Cyprus?


Cyprus real estate types are advantageous for a happy life. You can continue to more information about the beneficial reasons for investing in Cyprus in Cyprus. Here are 4 reasons to invest in real estate in Cyprus!

 Cyprus has rich culture!


Turkish Cypriots, who resemble Turks in many ways and believe in values, establish warm ties with Turkey. Cyprus, which is an island kneaded with Ottoman culture, attaches importance to values such as hospitality, catering, and smiling face. In addition, there are many values that children, young people, or old people have in Cyprus. These values were not forgotten over time and continued to be maintained. In addition, Cyprus, an island that hosts millions of tourists from all over the world, is a holiday center that stands out with its natural beauties, historical buildings, and unique beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Various historical sites of Cyprus are as follows:


  • Tombs of the Kings- Paphos
  • Kourion
  • Church of Agios Lazaros
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Paphos Castle
  • Nea Pafos
  • Palaipafos
  • Kalavanos- Tenta
  • Choriokoitia
  • Amathus

 Cyprus is safe and has a low crime rate!


Cyprus, which has a low crime rate, is also among the safest countries in the world. It is among the regions suitable for living, as the crime rate is low in every sense. As Northern Cyprus is an island country, it has adopted this lifestyle and culture. Common crimes are not included in this culture. Knowing the crime rate while learning about the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is among the issues you should know before investing.

 Cyprus has rising investment value!


Cyprus is also seen as an escape point for those who do not want to live in big cities. Cyprus, which is an island country, does not have traffic problems in big cities, environmental pollution, or a brisk life standard.


In addition, the Cyprus real estate sector is known for its rising investment value. When you look at the amortization period, Cyprus’s investment is quite profitable. Houses here can pay for themselves in a shorter time than houses in Istanbul or Turkey. You can rent your house, which you bought for investment purposes, or you can live by yourself.

 Cyprus has educational opportunities at European standards!


Located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, Cyprus has experienced many different cultures over time.


Many of those who want to study at a university in Cyprus may feel compelled to give up this dream because they are worried that they may experience financial problems on the island. In addition to the scholarships given by ÖSYM at Eastern Mediterranean University. The university also has many scholarship opportunities. 


The incentive scholarship also covers many expenses. These; tuition fees, accommodation, pocket money, transportation by plane. Also, there are scholarships such as incentive scholarships covering computer expenses, successful athletes, school top, sibling discount scholarships. In addition, studying in Cyprus allows you to receive an education at international standards.   


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