We consider every detail when planning to move to North Cyprus, invest or buy a vacation property. Before making the purchase, we examine where you should choose as a region, whether you should buy a villa or apartment, the quality of the property you will buy, and whether there will be any extra costs after the purchase. Northern Cyprus has different landscapes and atmospheres from region to region. The location of the property you are going to buy is of great importance. If you like the sea and want a beach life, you can choose Kyrenia, if you require calmness, you can choose the northern side of the island, which is a bit more rural, and if you want a little more town life, you can choose the Güzelyurt side. To have a more comfortable and enjoyable life, you can examine the northern Cyprus villas and summarize the Northern Cyprus real estate.

Location Of The Villa

The first issue we consider before purchasing the property is the location of the property. The proximity of the property to the city center is always our first choice. If you want to buy a holiday property, you should pay attention to the fact that the villa is close to the beach, school, shopping center, city center. When we consider all these, the location does not matter much in Northern Cyprus because transportation is simple and there is no traffic problem. In addition, Cyprus has a position that can meet every expectation due to its features and beauty. You can have the villa you want, wherever you want, with its greenery and blueness.

Quality Of The Villa

Before buying a property, it is impossible to pass without looking at its quality. When we look at the interior, exterior, equipment, and all other details of the goods, we want them to be of high quality. To ensure that the actual use of a property is suitable for daily living, the size of the rooms, the practical details of the living spaces, and the materials used in the construction of the property are also other factors that affect the purchase. Before investing, the age of the real estate and its thermal insulation should be examined to avoid problems in the future. If you see the property closely, you will understand whether it is of good quality or not. Northern Cyprus real estates are increasing their sales rates day by day due to their high quality.

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Extra Expenses

It is quite possible to say that a luxury villa property in Northern Cyprus is livable, in perfect harmony with its surroundings, and built to high standards. It shouldn’t incur extra costs for you after you settle into the villa you bought, so details should be examined before the purchase is made, and the minuses and pluses should be noted. If you have purchased an affordable, and old villa, it may cost you both painting and interior equipment. To avoid such unexpected situations, it will be more useful for you to decide whether the villa meets your expectations and whether it is the property you are looking for before you buy the villa.


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