3 Secret Charms You Must Not Miss During Your North Cyprus Travel!

Northern Cyprus travel will be different from other trips you will make. Because it has an extraordinary history and touristic places that will surprise you. Since many people are interested in such places, we have searched a few places for you.

Ghost City 


Ghost City, with its tragic story, was a forbidden zone that not only bears the scars of the past but also the war scars. Ghost City, the region that many people who travel to Northern Cyprus are curious about, has gradually started to be opened to the public. Ghost City is an iconic site of great importance to the history of the island of Cyprus. It was the number one city in Cyprus to have fun before it was taken under military protection due to the events of 1974. Abandoned by the Greek-dominated people of the region, the area became a ghost town after it was closed to public access. Ghost City, one of the most important regions of Cyprus, continues to attract the attention of those who travel to Northern Cyprus.


Karmi Village


Do you want to feel like you are in a fairy tale? If your answer is yes, Karmi Village is for you! The Greek Cypriots left the village in 1974 due to the Cyprus Peace Operation. Although Karmi Village remained a ghost village for a while, it was later decided to be revived. The authorities, who did not want to spoil this attractive atmosphere of the village, renewed the traditional textures without changing them. It is important to keep the unique features of the village as they are. At the same time, as a result of the archaeological studies carried out around Karmi Village, many historical artifacts were found. It is an ideal place for a quiet trip where you can enjoy nature. If you are traveling to Northern Cyprus, you will regret it if you return without visiting Karmi Village!

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Royal Tombs


When you travel to Northern Cyprus, you can witness the past by visiting historical and religious places. Excavations continue in this area, where archaeologists are still working. Therefore, although it is known that the large cemetery area is divided into two sections, its clear boundaries are not yet known. This area, which is divided into two, contains the tombs of royalty and high-ranking settlers in one part, and the tombs of ordinary citizens in another part. At that time, it was seen that people like servants were sacrificed because they thought that the service was continued in the afterlife. After visiting the Royal Tombs, do not forget to visit the museum where the remains of artifacts and some grave goods discovered there are exhibited.


Ghost City with its mysterious city, Karmi Village with its fairy-tale buildings, and Royal Tombs continue to be the favorite travel destinations of the visitors with the glory of the past. By visiting these places on your Northern Cyprus travel, you can listen to the events in Cyprus from the people there.


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