3 Reasons Why North Cyprus is the best place to buy an investment property!

Recently, real estate investors think that Northern Cyprus is the best place to buy an investment property. Although there are many reasons for this, here are a few topics for you. Many cities in Northern Cyprus have an important investment opportunity.

Short Period of Redemption in North Cyprus


When you are considering buying or investing in real estate, you can decide whether this investment is the right decision by calculating the amortization period. In general, research is made today, the amortization period is high in cities such as Istanbul, where the real estate market is active. However, the depreciation period in Northern Cyprus is considerably lower than the depreciation periods in these megacities. If you want to make a successful real estate investment, you should choose regions with low real estate prices but high rental income. Almost every city in Northern Cyprus meets these criteria.

Increasing Value of North Cyprus 



        The popularity and value of Cyprus have been increasing in recent years. Making a name for itself with its natural beauties and cultural heritage, The pleasant and hospitality of the Turkish Cypriot people, the unspoiled traditional structures, and the nature of the villages are quite remarkable for real estate investors. The preservation and restoration of historical buildings and the continuation of archaeological studies have brought cultural heritage to the present day. Therefore, Northern Cyprus is a place of interest to many tourists. Northern Cyprus has attracted attention as a calm, quiet, and low-population island country during the Corona Virus period. Another advantageous point is the issue of residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Generally speaking, it takes a long time to obtain a residence permit in a country. However, getting a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is quite easy. It can take about three weeks to perform these procedures.

North Cyprus Living Conditions and Welfare


The best place to buy investment property is in North Cyprus. Since its climate is the Mediterranean, it is generally warm and hot. Since it is a small island country, transportation is quite easy and takes a short time. It has been announced that Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. One of the reasons why many people prefer Northern Cyprus is that many passport holders around the world can enter and live in Northern Cyprus without the need for a visa. Real estate in Northern Cyprus is more economical than many countries for the same real estate standards. Besides, it is quite special as it provides a unique island atmosphere. Another important factor that increases the welfare in Northern Cyprus is the universities. Universities in Northern Cyprus are successful and their education is appreciated.


This small island country, which people who invest in real estate never regrets, continues to gain value. Northern Cyprus will be a great choice for those who want to own real estate in a safe, calm, quiet place full of natural and cultural heritage!

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