3 Reasons to Live in North Cyprus?

Many people prefer to live in harmony with nature for natural life, avoiding the noise and environmental pollution caused by city life. People usually buy a house for investment purposes. North Cyprus is a country of great importance in terms of real estate investment. Cyprus is a preferred country to live in, as it is beneficial in terms of investment as well as its clean air and sea view.


There are the main reasons why the Cyprus real estate sector, which is among the first preferences of people, is the pioneer in the real estate sector of Cyprus. One of these reasons is that it is easy to obtain a residence permit in North Cyprus. In addition, the Cyprus real estate sector, which has a high level of profit and never loses its value under any circumstances, is gaining more and more value every day as it does not lose its value. For this reason, investors who want to add income to their income with Cyprus real estate investment closely follow the Cyprus house options.


You can read for more information about the advantages of living in North Cyprus. Here are 3 reasons to live in North Cyprus!

A residence permit in North Cyprus can be given easily!


Getting a Residence Permit in North Cyprus is easy. You will also have no problem extending your leave for the next year. One of the countries where it is easiest to get residence may be Cyprus.


All passengers arriving in North Cyprus receive a tourist visa. Depending on the country you come from, the length of stay is usually around 30-90 days. This tourist visa is not equivalent to a residence permit or work-based residence permit. When the tourist visa expires, you must apply to the Council of Ministers to stay in Cyprus for a longer period.

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Cyprus has a low tax rate!


Did you know that tax rates in Cyprus are low? Let’s examine the tax rates in Cyprus under three main titles.


  1. Corporate Tax

The earnings of all capital companies and other institutions specified in the Corporate Tax Law are subject to Corporate Tax. Corporate Tax is paid in two installments, in May and October.


  1. Income Tax

Corporations specified in the Corporate Tax Law are also subject to 15% Income Tax on the undistributed corporate income after deducting the tax rate they have to pay.


  1. Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax is a type of tax that came into effect as a consumption tax in 1996. Applied Value Added Tax rates are 0%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.


Cyprus has natural beauty!


People come to Cyprus to see North Cyprus, swim in the Mediterranean waters, feel the fresh air and experience the famous Cyprus nightlife. Despite hosting so many tourists, Cyprus, which is among the countries with the lowest disease rate during the pandemic process, is an island country, and its air and nature are also clean.


There are many forests, mountains, historic places in Cyprus. In addition to this, you can immediately own a house in Cyprus to live in North Cyprus, which has a low crime rate due to its high literacy rate.


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