3 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus Real Estate Properties!

You would like to invest in real estate in Cyprus, but you do not know much about North Cyprus villas types. One of your options should be to buy a house in Northern Cyprus real estate, as interest in Cyprus has increased in recent years from both Turkey and Europe for vacation likewise investment. Therefore what are the types of North Cyprus property Villas and North Cyprus Real Estate? What should you consider before investing in Cyprus?


You can continue reading our article to have information about Northern Cyprus Villas, North Cyprus Real Estate, North Cyprus Properties For Sale, and Kyrenia Properties For Sale. In addition, we recommend you to read our article to get information about three North Cyprus properties for investment.

Cyprus Real Estate Properties are The Best! 


Today, a person who wants to buy a house from European or Mediterranean countries can own two houses for the same price in Northern Cyprus. In addition, the TRNC was shown among the top 5 coastal countries where Northern Cyprus real estate can be made.


In addition, real estate investments in many countries only increase the real estate value as much as the inflation rate. However, the situation in the TRNC is slightly different. Because it is an island country and the supply limit in the housing stock, the real estate value increase in Cyprus is increasing day by day. So, various new, luxurious, feature-packed North Cyprus villas and Northern Cyprus real estate in Cyprus have various comfortable features. You can visit our website for more detailed information and services offered by Gold Mark.

Cyprus Real Estates Properties are Wholly Profitable!


The real estate’s gaining its own sales value with only the rental income is called the real estate amortization period. Today, considering the regions with high real estate value, this period varies between 17-25 years (in the case of the seafront or luxury real estate, this period may increase even more). In other words, a house you buy will give you back what you paid in 10 years on average. Especially foreign real estate investors prefer Cyprus because of the real estate depreciation period.

Cyprus Real Estate Properties are Appropriate For Every Budget!    


The British Pound is used in the real estate sector in Northern Cyprus. While this provides convenience to foreign real estate investors, it also eliminates the risk of inflation. However, it is also possible to trade in Turkish Lira, US Dollars, and Euros. You can consult the relevant advertiser or the construction company in which currency you can make the payment. It is very profitable to invest in real estate in Cyprus.


In addition, the low house prices in the housing market make it easier for foreign investors to buy houses. The depreciation period of the purchased houses and flats is in the range of 8-13 years.


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