3 Cities You Must Not Miss While Visiting North Cyprus!

Northern Cyprus has recently become a destination visited by many travelers. The natural beauties, historical monuments, and hospitality of Northern Cyprus have always attracted the attention of many tourists.



Known as the Pearl of Cyprus, Kyrenia attracts the attention of many tourists as it is surrounded by the Mediterranean port city in the north and the Beşparmak Mountains in the south. Kyrenia, whose population has been increasing in recent years, is very popular in Northern Cyprus real estate sales. Real estate sales in Kyrenia are increasing in value. When you come to Kyrenia, it is one of the most important touristic centers of the Mediterranean with its restaurants and bars, beautiful houses, natural and cultural beauties surrounding the marina. When you go to Kyrenia, do not forget to enjoy the sun on its magnificent beaches after visiting the historical heritage! Also, don’t forget to take a walk in the harbor, visit historical places and join boat tours.



Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is the only capital that is divided in two by a border called the Green Line. The distance between Nicosia and cities such as Kyrenia and Famagusta is short, so you can easily explore the surroundings with a short trip. Since transportation is easy and short, real estate is getting more and more valuable. Real estate in Nicosia has been attracting people’s attention lately. Nicosia has a warm, semi-arid climate. It is one of the hottest cities on the island. You can visit Nicosia walls because it is an important tourist attraction. The Nicosia walls are one of the most striking structures. These walls, which are largely intact today, are among the best preserved in the Eastern Mediterranean. Places such as Bedesten, Büyük Han, and Kumarcılar Han should be visited in Nicosia, which is very rich in terms of historical heritage.



Famagusta is located in the east of North Cyprus Island. You can use a bus or transfer to go to Famagusta. Famagusta is the only city in Cyprus with a deep-water port, meaning it is one of the most fortified ports in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the Eastern Mediterranean University being here, it has made it known by many people. Thanks to the magnificence of its beaches, education, and production, real estates are in the process of appraisal. Famagusta, which offers an ideal life thanks to its Mediterranean climate, is very valuable for the real estate sector. While you are in Famagusta, many historical places such as the Venetian Castle, Maraş Region, Famagusta Harbor, and Venetian Palace are among the places to be seen.


Kyrenia, Nicosia, and Famagusta are among the places you will never regret visiting. Northern Cyprus is getting more and more valuable in terms of real estate, attracting the attention of both investors and those who want to live there. We have examined the three most popular cities of Northern Cyprus for you. These places, where you can both visit and witness history, are waiting for their visitors.

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