3 Attractions You Should Visit Your North Cyprus Travel!

        One of the best aspects of traveling in Northern Cyprus is to have the opportunity to get to know the culture and history of this island. Because most of the cultural heritage here has always been protected and valued from past to present. If you want to travel to Northern Cyprus and witness this cultural feast, Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia Castle and Saint Hilarion Castle are just for you!

Bellapais Monastery


Bellapais is a must-stop for every travel to Northern Cyprus because it is very famous. Bellapais Monastery is located in Bellapais village of Kyrenia city in Northern Cyprus and can be reached by personal vehicle, minibus, or taxi. The construction of the first monastery building was between 1198-1205. However, later changes continued to be made in the monastery. This monastery is considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of Lusignan Period Gothic architecture. The coats of arms of the kingdoms of Cyprus, Jerusalem, and Lusignan hang on the marble upper jamb of the door in order. These help us to get to know the cultural heritage of Cyprus, which has come under many civilizations. When you visit here, you can watch the magnificent view from the terrace of the monastery, visit the surrounding villages and buy homemade jams and local products.

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Kyrenia Castle


        When you travel to North Cyprus, it is impossible not to see Kyrenia Castle. We can say that Girne Castle is one of the most magnificent structures of Northern Cyprus. Some of the walls of this castle, which was built against Arab-Islamic raids, have lost their old appearance today due to earthquakes. The entrance to the castle is via a moat. Apart from that, while you are here, don’t forget to visit the Shipwreck Museum, where the Girne shipwreck is also exhibited. However, you can witness the past by visiting the best-preserved The Round Tower. Since Girne Castle is at the port, it is easy to reach.

 Saint Hilarion Castle


Would you like to have a bird’s eye view of the fascinating view of the city of Kyrenia? If the answer is yes, Saint Hilarion Castle is for you! Saint Hilarion Castle is the highest point of Cyprus, and it was built on the northern slopes of the Beşparmak Mountains. The castle consists of three main parts established at different elevations. A rumor has it that Walt Disney was inspired by the Castle of Saint Hilarion when he created the cartoon ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Also, transportation is a bit difficult. Today, you can examine some ruins from the old monastery period in the castle. We think that your Northern Cyprus travel will be incomplete without seeing the Fortress of Saint Hilarion.


        When you travel to Northern Cyprus, you will see that Northern Cyprus is a place of endless beauties. That’s why we’ve listed three places for you that can impress you the most. While traveling to these places, you will witness the past and touch the history of Northern Cyprus.

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