3 Amazing Things To Do in North Cyprus Holiday!


           Northern Cyprus has become one of the favorite destinations of many people for a vacation. Northern Cyprus wins the hearts of tourists with its natural beauties, cultural heritage, and many other activities. Do not leave without visiting the famous castles of Cyprus, eating traditional food, and walking its streets. Enjoy Nothern Cyprus holiday!

Visiting Castles


Castles in Northern Cyprus attract a lot of attention. St. Hilarion Castle is a cultural heritage that you should see at Nothern Cyprus holiday. Hilarion Castle is a cultural heritage that you should see. It is the center of attention because it is the best-preserved of the three Byzantine castles in Cyprus. The gates, walls, towers, and many other parts of the castle create a visual feast as if they came out of a fairy tale.


Another favorite castle of Cyprus is Buffavento Castle. It has a natural defense system by being built on the skirts and peaks of a high, steep hill. The road to Buffavento may welcome you with strong winds, but it will be worth getting to the castle. You must see this place before your North Cyprus holiday ends!


Kantara castle is known as one of the most strategic castles. This is because it has a position to control the northern coast, the Mesarya Plain, and the entrance to the Karpaz. It has been well preserved from the past to the present. You have to take a short journey to get behind its imposing walls, which are obvious at first glance.

Wandering in Traditional Streets


           Have you ever thought about the experiences there while you were wandering the streets of Cyprus during your holiday in Northern Cyprus? You can eat, drink and discover cultural beauties. However, Nicosia took its current form when it was surrounded by walls in the form of a circle to protect the city from enemies in ancient times. Nowadays, since the walls are settlements, they host places where handcrafted products are sold and festivals as cafes. Surlariçi continues to be one of the most beautiful and worth seeing streets of Nicosia with its narrow streets dating back to ancient times.

Tasting Delicious Foods


Northern Cyprus has a multicultural cuisine as it has been under the rule of many civilizations since the past. Although Mediterranean cuisine is seen as popular, it is a place not far from eastern and western flavors. Although many dishes from Turkish cuisine are popular in Cyprus cuisine, the most popular one is kebab. However, appetizers are very important and very delicious in Cypriot cuisine. According to the food culture of Northern Cyprus, appetizers come to the table first, followed by the main course. Some of the popular dishes in Cyprus are peach kebab, molehiya, pilavuna, halloumi. Your Nothern Cyprus holiday is an opportunity to try these delicious dishes!


People who have a holiday in Northern Cyprus come back to Northern Cyprus in admiration. That’s why Northern Cyprus remains one of the top choices for many people’s holidays.

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